"I have to admit that I initially didn’t really know what Life Coaching was but I knew I was unhappy and unfulfilled, so I gave it a shot. Jennifer took her time to listen and get to the heart of the matter, which was that I was very unfulfilled at my job. Through a thorough Self-Exploration process that she guided me through, I realized that I have so many more talents and skills than I ever thought and more career options than I ever imagined! I have begun to research some new career options for myself and I now have a fresh perspective and renewed joy for life! Thank you Jennifer!"

Michelle, Long Island, NY

"I definitely see the value of having someone really listen to me and allow me to release all my feelings and then find resolution on my own!"

Lisa, Brooklyn, NY

"Jennifer is the most kind, caring and compassionate person that I know. Jen helped me see things in a different way and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle the issues I was dealing with. Jennifer is non judgmental and she makes you see things in a different way than perhaps you would not have thought of. She helps guide you in making the best choice possible for your life. Thank you Jen!"

CAC, Long Island, NY